Aging furniture for French country home decor ideas

French country home decor

The French country home decor style called “Provence” appeared in France in the 19th century. It was named after one of the regions of the country. The capital of the style was the city of Marseille.

A precondition for Provence style appeared in the middle of the 17th century. People wanted to escape from the bored city bustle moving to the country. Entire families of industrialists and lawyers began decorating their own country houses using home decor styles will be later called Provence.

French country home decor

You can and should conduct experiments with this style. After all, one of the most fascinating home occupations is the creation of furniture by yourself. The furniture made by your own hands will serve you for a long time delighting your eyes with its look.

Stylistic Solutions

Experts recommend the following solutions for the French country decor style:

  • Massive floor. The classical variant assumes the presence of wooden or stone floors. With the help of special floor tiles, you can easily achieve this effect.
  • Walls. Wallpapers are not using in this style at all. The most suitable is brick masonry or inaccurately applied plaster.
  • Furniture should ideally create a sense of antiquity. Make it yourself so that the guests get the impression that it has been passing on for many generations.
  • Any, even the smallest details should be carefully thought out and planned. In this style, even the most common napkin can carry a certain semantic meaning.

French country home decor

Several ways to age the surface of the furniture

Artificially aged furniture looks as excellent as a truly antique. However, making it much easier, faster and cheaper.

There are three main ways you can use for making aged furniture by yourself at home:

  • Mechanical. Perfect for creating artificial scratches, cracks and other damages on the furniture.
  • Chemical. Such substances as various varnishes, ammonia, stain and many other things are used.
  • Thermal. With the help of an open flame or a soldering iron, the effect of antiquity is guaranteed.

home decor styles

Also, you can thoroughly reinvent the soft furniture with the help of a furniture stapler and some skills. First of all, you need to choose a fabric. It must be soft and without flashy colors. Presence of a drawing with natural elements or geometric figures is welcomed. It’s not a complicated task to find such type of fabric which will completely change your furniture outlook making your Provence style interior even more elegant and charming.

home decor styles

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