Are Kitchen Pendant Lighting Can Become Your Solution In Your Home Lighting ?

Kitchen Furniture Mini Pendant Lights Over Dining Room

Kitchen Furniture Mini Pendant Lights Over Dining Room

Why haven’t more homeowners embraced kitchen pendant lighting? If you’re reading this, you probably already have an inkling of how great kitchen pendant lighting is and how it can help you see better, cook better, and do all of the above more safely. Kitchen pendant lights do three things quite well: They bring lights down to head level or just above head level, they avoid the dreaded “light is everywhere, but nowhere in particular” illumination of flush mount ceiling lights and they spotlight specific cooking areas.

Kitchen pendant lighting are so vastly different from other types of lights that you might want to learn a few basics about them. When shopping, you won’t find any special category of pendants made just for the kitchen. Pendant lights for the kitchen are simply the same pendants you might use in other parts of the house. What it comes down to is the styles and sizes you want, or can tolerate, in your kitchen. Kitchen pendants can be installed in existing ceiling fixture boxes. If you have or want a kitchen island, you will very easily be able to replace the icky flush mount fixture with a cool pendant light fixture.

The bad thing about kitchen pendant lighting is you might also want pendant lights around the kitchen perimeter above the counters. Because those flush-mount fixtures tend to be in the centers of rooms. Track lighting can provide an excellent base for your pendants. Pendant fixtures are available which can dangle from the tracks and which you can move, add, or remove as needed. With kitchen pendant lighting you can save your money rather than spending tons of money to buy chandeliers. The pendant has replaced the larger chandelier as the light of choice in kitchens, especially with islands or other larger spaces.

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