Creative ideas helping to create red bathroom decor

bathroom colors

Picking a solid bright color for the bathroom may be a quite serious and difficult decision to make. However, if you follow certain recommendations from interior designers, you will be able to get creative and interesting bathroom ideas helping you to create a beautiful and cozy bathroom.

bathroom colors

If you are ready for vivid look choosing the red color, this article is definitely for you. This color has many hues and shades therefore different shades of several bathroom sets you have chosen previously can create a particular look. And it is up to you, which one from these bathroom colors you want to have in your bathroom.

bathroom colors

Remember that having too many details in red color in the bathroom can be too overwhelming so it is still better to find light shades. However, if you are the fan of bright red, the one Valentine cards are made of, you need to consider some aspects.

Paint it black, with red

bathroom colors

The most common color combination for red bathroom decor is combining black and red. You can also add some white or any other neutral colors to enhance the combination and avoid it being overwhelming. Here are some tips recommended considering:

  • pick some elements in different shades of black or red from the main one;
  • add some elements being typical for industrial interior design;
  • decorate the bathroom with some flowers.

Red and white

bathroom colors

Another common combination you may also like is a red and white one. White is already a neutral color, which will add some elegance to the bathroom. Here are the things you need to be aware of when creating the red and white look:

  • if you don’t want to paint all the walls red, you can add some red accessories and decor. Furthermore, install red bathroom shower and purchase red rugs to put on the floor.
  • make sure to add some white accessories and sets;
  • keep the same tone in all your bathroom accessories and elements.

Accessories and walls

In fact, red is considered the color that is usually associated with many different things, starting with passion and love, it sometimes ends up being a symbol of a danger. Applying the color in a right way will allow you to use many ideas and tips for creating a beautiful and unusual bathroom.

bathroom colors

Red bathroom walls are actually perfect for small bathrooms. But instead, you could also pick many red accessories and decor elements. Certain patterns and themes are very welcomed. Even if you stop your selection on the red tiles, make sure to consider the ones with patterns. The things to avoid are the red bathroom sink, as well as the tub of the same hue.

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