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Mastery and luxury of Damiani Jewelry House is first and foremost loyalty to family values and devotion to traditions. Now the third generation of this glorious family designs and manufactures really elegant and beautiful jewelry.

The history of this wonderful brand began in the town of Valenca, in 1924. Enrico Grassi, the founder of the dynasty of jewelers, began to design and produce exquisite jewelry with diamonds. This was made for noble families of those times. Sometime later, Enrico Grassi’s mastery began well-known far from Valenca and even Italy! Ever since, the jeweler was awarded the title of “the ambassador of Italian style and chick” in the world. Later, the son of Enrico Grassi inherited the family business. He developed his mastery and applied the latest jewelry technology.

From 1980s the next generation of the family Damiani decided to reconsider the concept of brand proliferation. For the first time the most famous actors and other celebrities were invited for brand advertising.

Nowadays, Damiani is very popular all around the world and its jewelry is of the highest quality and overpowering beauty of Italian style.

Superior craftsmanship is a hallmark of Damiani Jewelry House. The design of this jewelry is very elegant and refined. Each precious stone is selected and examined very carefully; skilled jewelers handle all its facets with love.

There is a great variety of rings in Damiani collections, of different style and model. Here you can find rings with ensembles of precious stones and with single diamonds. You will be also pleasantly surprised with the diversity of necklaces and bracelets; everyone will find the style he/she wants: chick of gold and diamonds or elegance of pearls. Damiani earrings are also wonderful: modern and fashionable or classic and noble.

The main factors, which unite all these jewelry masterpieces, are the highest quality, overpowering beauty and Italian chick.

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