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More than half a century Dior fashion house impresses us and excites our imagination. Its chick and elegant creations always keep up with the times.

The glorious history of the brand began in 1946, in postwar Paris. A designer, whose name was Christian Dior, decided to team up with a textile factory owner, to create a fashion studio in Paris. The postwar years were difficult; people were not used to wear beautiful clothes, that’s why the first collection of the studio had a great success. Bright colors instead of grey and black, elegant and chick design instead of impersonality. All these made Christian Dior one of the most famous designers, his name became a brand and Paris- became the capital of fashion again.

During the following years Dior fashion house gained success in the whole world. It cooperated with the most popular top models, produced gorgeous women’s clothing, elegant and discreet menswear, perfumery, luxury and quality cosmetics, fashion accessories and wonderful jewelry.

Dior jewelry is a mixture of great and elegant design and precious materials. Speaking about the stylistics of the ornamentation, it should be admitted that its main colors are warm and gentle; the design is very feminine and refined. The main aim of Dior jewelry is to emphasize beauty and chick. This principle idea of the brand is clearly visible in the original earrings model called Dior Mise En Dior. Their design is unique and laconic at the same time and characterizes female nature. It is unusual as women’s changeable character; performed with pearls, which gives some tenderness and elegance.

Dior jewelry is available not only for women, today. Men can also pamper themselves with this luxurious and unique beauty. Besides, there is some special power in this ornamentation. This is a combination of the French fashion house noble traditions, genuine luxury and modern tendencies.

Dior jewelry determines not only the status and well-being, but also excellent and refined taste!

Christian Dior


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Christian Dior

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