Five of the Best Fitness Trends


When it is cold, darkly and wet outside, everybody wants to cheer up and recharge with positive. Every person does it in his/her own way. Today we are going to speak about a special method, which is useful not only for mind but also for health and body. It helps to feel positive emotions and burst of energy.

Fitness is a well-known and widespread concept. Seems, like everybody knows everything about it, but even today, many people think, that fitness is only for women. It is a mistake, because it is an awesome thing for men as well: for newbie as cardio stimulation and general muscle strengthening; for professional sportsmen as a wonderful way to get in shape and to keep fit (especially after traumas).

Let’s name 5 of the most popular and effective fitness trends nowadays:


This kind of sports is not only for body, but for soul, too. Doing different asanas (exercises) helps to feel harmony and peace.


It has much in common with yoga. Its smooth and measured exercises help to train the most deep and hardest groups of muscles.

Body Sculpt

This kind of fitness is more intensive than the previous two. Its exercises are with heavy load and short intervals. It is ideal for those people, who like active training. Body Sculpt includes various exercises for all groups of muscles with the usage of different equipment (fitballs, bodybars, tapes and also exercises on the ground).


This is the ideal exercise complex for muscles stretching and body plasticity. One can do this kind of fitness separately or together with more intensive training, to reach the best results.


This is the newest fitness trend, which has come from Columbia. These are rhythmic dance moves with elements of hip-hop, flamenco, salsa and jive. Such incendiary and active trainings won’t remain you indifferent and will put your body and spirits in order.

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