Graff Masterpieces of Jewelry Art

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Graff Jewelry house is now famous all around the world due to not only its wonderful jewelry of the highest quality, but also due to its precious stones, namely diamonds. These diamonds are very beautiful, rare and even unique!

This story of hard work and great success started in 1938 when Laurence Graff was born in the family of Jewish emigrants from the Eastern Europe in the industrial area of London. When the boy was 15 he began to study jewelry mastery. It sounds weird, but Laurence wasn’t successful then and hadn’t a strong desire to study! So, the masters refused from teaching him. Maybe, this young man wasn’t so plodding, but he was very enterprising! In a couple of years Laurence opened his own workshop, he made jewelry with semiprecious stones then. Things went on with varying success at that time, so the young master decided to go to other cities in order to show his examples and found more clients.

Laurence Graff hadn’t special education, so it took a long time for him to learn all the needed information about precious stones and all the peculiarities of jewelry business. Though, all that great work wasn’t done in vain. One day, Laurence sold the beautiful ring with 33 diamonds and got more other orders, it was success. He began to combine diamonds with other precious stones (emeralds, sapphires and rubies). Soon, he opened two jewelry shops in London.

Later, the master went to Asia, he wanted to develop his business and find his own peculiar conception in jewelry. There he found not only the real admirers of his talent but also very rare and beautiful stones. It became his real passion! Even now, when Laurence Graff is at venerable age, he is ready to go anywhere to get a worthwhile stone.

There are many Graff jewelry shop in the world today. This brand uses wonderful diamonds of different colors (from orange and yellow to pink and even red). The peculiarity of Graff the most remarkable works is the biggest and the most beautiful stone placed in the centre of the jewelry, to show all its chic and greatness!
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