History of the Swarovski Brand


“Diamonds for all” – this is the motto of the work of the great master Daniel Swarovski.

Daniel Swarovski was born on the 24th of October 1862, in a small village in northern Bohemia. In those times (however as now) Bohemia was famous for its wonderful glassmakers. The family of the boy was not an exception. His father had a small workshop where he processed crystal and made some bijouterie. The technique of this work was the same as for jewelry. Despite the fact that little Daniel grew up in this professional sphere, his dreams were connected with music, he wanted to become a famous violinist.

In 1880 Daniel Swarovski went to Paris to get engineering education. It began to be fashionable to wear artificial (imitated) diamonds in those days. The industrious young man couldn’t help noticing that fact. Later, he visited World Electro-technical Exhibition where he saw new inventions and got an interesting idea.

In 1891 Daniel designed a machine for grinding crystal and stones. It was a real revolution as that machine could process much more material than a wizard manually. Besides the crystals looked more beautiful and were very similar to precious stones.

Later, Daniel Swarovski moved to a small village near Innsbruck, where he established his own production in the premises of the old abandoned factory. From 1895 the master began to produce inexpensive crystals of extraordinary beauty.

Daniel developed the design of his ornaments; he also produced crystal according to his own “recipe”. It was a real sensation!

Daniel Swarovski loved crystal, he believed in its originality and authenticity. It became a real trend to wear the Swarovski ornaments. Bijouterie was not mauve ton or something vulgar any more. It was worn even at the royal court!

Since 1900 the ornaments gained great popularity, the number of orders was enormous, so Daniel Swarovski hired more people. The story of the legendary brand began.

The Swarovski brand is very popular nowadays, too. The professionals develop their craftsmanship and carefully store their secrets. Celebrities wear these beautiful ornaments and fashion houses use the crystals in their collections more than 100 years!


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