Holiday Foods to Avoid, Healthy Christmas Suggestions

Mini Quiches holiday food

This annual festival is full with least healthy foods. Everywhere around the corner, you will find them. It is not such an easy thing to deal with. People deal with problems how to survive from the sweat dream of fat land. During the holiday season, it’s kind of a long way to endure the end-of-year feasts without creating your own version of Santa’s jolly belly. Fact stated after gaining weight during holiday festive, it’s harder to shed those pounds. So, what are you going to do with it though? We have listed several holiday foods to avoid. Remember, moderation is the key. Try to avoid several foods and substitute them with more healthy foods instead.

Egg Nog

No one could resist this fireside favorite beverage. Sadly, its cream, eggs, sugar and liquor make Egg Nog on the top of holiday foods to avoid list. Ingredients contain around 600 calories. Most people on the entire world love to enjoy this holiday season and the decision to make healthier choices really is hard. Drink three classes of champagne, red wine, or sparkling fruit punch is a better choice to substitute the Egg Nog. You could also get diet ginger ale and fruit. For those who wait the festival just to drink Egg Nog, use plain or vanilla flavored soy or coconut milk for the recipe. Do not forget to add a low calorie sweetener.


They are definitely holiday foods to avoid. You should forget how cute and tempting they are in your finger right away if you do not want to gain more weight during this holiday. You might see them in every corner of the house you visit and every table you go. They are small and easy to pop into your mouth mindlessly, but you will be amazed of the calorie they contain. Three pieces of Mini-Quiche have around 360 calories. Yeah, that is right—your eyes are not fooling you around. Vegetable crudité with flavorful dips like guacamole, hummus or spinach yogurt should be good substitutions of Mini-Quiches on this Christmas. Just stop getting these pies.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Talk about the calories and fat consisted in dips, they are not the same. It could be the reason you might to put the Spinach and artichoke dip as one of holiday foods to avoid, especially as we see how half a cup of this type of dip contains about 300-400 calories and 30-40 g of fat. Is there kind of food you take as the substitution? There are so many of them. Try to take Hummus, salsa, guacamole or bean dip instead of Spinach and artichoke dip. For a better solution, bean dip is a good choice. It contains of 70 calories and 6g of fat which good compared to spinach and artichoke dip.

Pecan Pie

The pecan pie completes the way we celebrate this holiday season and yet, pie contains of healthy ingredients like nuts. It is kind of shame for us to put the pecan pie as one of holiday foods to avoid. Pecan pie is indeed made from nuts, but they are coated in butter and sugar which makes this delicious signature holiday dessert is exceptionally high in calories with 640 calories per wedge. It is amazing knowing the amount of calories you get from the pecan pie. To help you avoid the weight gaining during the holiday, take sweet fruit cake, eleven dried plum halves and eight figs. Do not forget to drink water more as well.

Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes will be there by the time the holiday is started. The plate will full with garlic mashed potatoes is example of holiday foods to avoid. Try to hold your stomach though because surprisingly, one cup of mashed potatoes has total calories of 420 calories. I am not trying to you out of it, but it might a wise move of you to opt for only a small lump on your plate. Or if you could give that delicious stuff, try less creamy options. Baked sweet potato, eight boiled new potatoes and one ear of corn are good substitutions and yet, they have more fiber and more diversity of taste. Get them right away folks.

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