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Doing repairing works we always must choose something: materials and textures, furniture and the concept of design in general. Today we are going to speak about wall decoration, about wallpaper, specifically. Despite all the diversity of wall decoration variants and different design decisions, this traditional finishing method is still very popular.

The first thing, you should pay attention to isn’t the color of wallpaper; one of the most important aspect is its material and texture.

Let’s begin with the most common variant- wallpaper made of paper. The advantage here is that such product is cheap, though, it is very thin, so it will be suitable only for perfectly flat walls. One more disadvantage is that this wallpaper is not very practical and won’t serve you for long time.

Vinyl wallpaper is more expensive, but its quality is higher. Such product is stronger and thicker. Besides, this wallpaper is very practical and can be used in any room of your flat or house.

Fabric wallpaper is really an exquisite product. It looks noble and expensive. Fabric wallpaper is not afraid of sunlight and moisture; it is also very easy to clean. You can use it in the living-room, library or parlor.

The most expensive type of wallpaper is the product made of natural materials, such as stone, linen, cane, cork wood. It is eco-friendly and looks really gorgeous!

Every room has its own peculiarities and wallpaper requirements are also different. For example, wallpaper for a kitchen and a hallway must be practical and easy to clean (walls here can get dirty and get covered). Speaking about living-rooms, the “load” is less here, as a rule. The same thing is with bedroom wallpaper, all you need is to choose its color and picture.  Speaking about wallpaper for a children’s room, the most important aspect in this case, is eco-friendliness of the product and its safety, you also shouldn’t forget about practicality, so wallpaper made of paper won’t be suitable here.

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