How To Combat Leg Muscle Cramps During Pregnancy

leg cramps pregnancy
Many women are suffering from muscle cramps in the legs when pregnant. Yet, the reasons are still not clear at all, despite the fact that many sources are suggesting that the muscles of a pregnant woman become tired due to the extra load that they carry. Many other sources also said that the expanding uterus is the reason why this problem is happening as these body parts puts an increased pressure on the nerves that lead from the legs upwards. It does not really matter what the cause of this problem is, the cramps on the muscle can worsen during a woman’s second trimester. So, the question will always be the same then—how do you combat such a problem anyway?

For those who are interested in finding the best way in order to prevent leg muscle cramps during pregnancy, I know that you should be pleased to find out that there are plenty techniques and practices to minimize the number of episodes that occur. We are talking about plenty exercises as well as supplements that are believed to be effective in this regard. One of so many things to use in order to combat this frustrating problem should be the magnesium supplements. Many researches are suggesting a pregnant woman to use these supplements to prevent such a problem from happening. Of course, it is highly advisable to discuss your plans with your GP if this is a product that you are going to try. In addition, you can use calcium supplements that are considered one of the best and effective ways to prevent this condition from developing. Once again, consult with your doctor whether calcium would be suitable for you.

Besides all those supplements, you can also practice a few simple exercises to combat leg muscle cramps during pregnancy. These exercises are believed to help reduce nighttime cramping and they involve stretching the calf muscles before and after retiring to bed. Alternatively, you can rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes when eating dinner, watching TV, or reading a book. In order to increase the strength in your legs to the extent that cramping becomes much less common, try to spend half an hour doing a day walking.

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