Modern ideas for decorative objects for home flooring

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While choosing decorative objects for home the appropriate floor covering is not ranking the last in terms of importance. In our review, we will describe the most popular types of flooring, including tile, laminate and parquet board, try to figure out the limit of their capabilities, as well as speak about the specificities of their installing.

Types of floor covering

  • Parquet board. In the competition of modern flooring decoration ideas, one of the leading positions is occupied by a parquet board. Due to its composite structure (thin slats of expensive wood on a carrier layer made of spruce or pine), this material is easier to install and cheaper than products from a single solid wood.
  • Parquet board

  • Laminate. Laminate attracts consumers by a combination of low cost and almost indistinguishable similarity with the simulated home decor material which most often is a board or parquet. To lay a laminate, no special skills are required, and it will be serving no less than 10 years with proper use. You just need to know that the base of the laminate is HDF (wood fiberboard, pressed under high pressure), having excellent strength characteristics, still afraid of moisture. Therefore, the covering, with the exception of special series, is not designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Laminate

  • Ceramic tiles. It is not afraid of moisture, hygienic, resistant to abrasion and chemicals. This is a traditional floor covering in wet areas and hallways. Today, the market offers thousands of samples of ceramic tiles. Floor tiles differ from the wall ones with greater durability and less water absorption. In addition, within the same collection, floor and wall modules often have a different format. The floor tiles are made from red clay and covered with glaze, including one that provides the anti-skid effect.
  • Ceramic tiles

  • Ceramic granite. Due to its extremely high density, this material has near-zero water absorption, and its hardness is comparable to natural quartz. By the way of processing the working surface, ceramic granite is divided into glazed and unglazed (both can be polished and unpolished). It is better to use unglazed matt tiles with anti-slip properties for installing on the floor, especially in wet rooms.

Ceramic granite

The floor material is not only a strong and reliable covering but also an important interior element. Floor coverings can be made of the most various materials: it can be a skin, metal, wood, glass, the pebbles from sea coast and even the ground covered with a varnish. When choosing a material for the floor, someone strives for the effect of naturalness, another one is attracted with the most extraordinary things.

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