Pilates. Its History, Origin and Essence of Exercises.



Pilates gained its popularity comparatively not a long time ago, but the history of this kind of sports began more than 100 years ago!

Joseph Hubert Pilates was a young man, whose health was very poor; he suffered from many diseases and was not physically developed. One day, the boy decided to change his life. Joseph created his own system of physical exercises. It took him a long time to improve these exercises. In four years thanks to great work and efforts, patience and zeal, Joseph Pilates became a new person with good health and wonderful physical form!

One of the Pilates main principles is “The body is created by the mind” – Schiller’s quotation which became Joseph’s motto.

Much time has passed since then; the exercises of this kind of sports were changed and improved in some way, though their basic principles remained the standard: breath, concentration, smooth movements, precision and regularity.

Originally, Pilates was a therapy for a narrow circle of people.

Today, Pilates has many followers all around the world, besides this kind of sports doesn’t have age or any other restrictions.

Pilates has many other advantages. The work of muscles is complex here, with the help of some special exercises the deepest (internal) muscles also work. It is almost impossible to traumatize during the trainings. People, who had serious traumas in the past, can also do these exercises. Pilates is a perfect variant as rehabilitation of professional athletes. Besides, this kind of sports improves not only body, but soul, too. Stress resistance increases and mood gets better!

The exercises aren’t boring at all, different sport equipment is used during the training (fit balls, small balls, tapes, dumbbells, etc.).

We recommend you to try yourself in this sport and you will be rewarded not only with a beautiful posture and a tightened body but also with complete peace of mind and cheerful mood!

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