Rings And Earrings With Emeralds


The perfect present for any occasion is earrings or a ring with shining emerald.  This gem symbolizes huge love and admiration to the present holder. Moreover, jewelry is classical item and it doesn’t change because of new streams of fashion. Some people even pass their rings and earrings through generations. So it’s really precious, practical and beautiful belonging.

As for emerald, it is precious and popular stone of the highest class of value.  From ancient times, numerals sayings regarding it took place. According to legend, the ring with the emerald was worn by the Venus, goddess of love. The ancient Egyptians considered the emerald to be the sacred stone of Isis and believed that he could transform dreams into reality and allow looking into the past and the future. However, not only mysterious stories were said, but also some individuals stated about emerald’s properties. So it is believed that the owners of emeralds are the owners of extremely developed intuition. It is also presumed that the emerald is capable of clearing the human biofield, dissipating negative energy, contributing to the concentration of thoughts. In addition, there is a belief that the emerald strengthens human health, gives longevity and stabilizes blood pressure.

It is reasonable not being in hurry during the process of choosing and buying the jewelry with emeralds because it up to the vast majority of characteristic. The emerald is always visible, attracts attention and reflects the nature of its owner. Correctly selected ring with a precious stone should not only please the eye, but also harmonizes with your style of clothing, character, form of a brush and even lifestyle. For ladies, who pursuing the fashion and leading active pace of life, fit rings with an emerald in modern design.  As for extravagant women matches rings with a large stone and rich cut. More discreet and refined design of rings without unnecessary details will be an excellent accent for a strict image of a business lady. Young girls who do not like kitsch should pay attention to thin rings with a small neat stone.

How to distinguish a real emerald from the fake one? Unfortunately, often under the guise of natural expensive emeralds are selling cheaper beryl, artificial stones and even ordinary fakes of glass. An inexperienced buyer can find it difficult to distinguish a true jewel from an “impostor”. Therefore, it is worth knowing a few details. For example, real emeralds are not as bright and sparkling as rhinestones, their gloss is more like a green velvet overflow from which it is impossible to look away.

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