Smartphone Applications for Slimness and Wellness



We live in the era of scientific progress and high technologies. It influences all the spheres of our life. It is very easy today to find the needed information and to communicate with friends or relatives from the other continent!

Modern people take care of their health, good physical shape and appearance. High technologies can help here, too. Now, your personal fitness trainer and nutritionist are literally in your hands, due to the special applications in a smart phone.

Let’s consider them in detail. First of all, it should be told, that all these applications are divided into two main types: active, which are connected with doing different physical activities (running, jumping, squatting, etc.) and passive, for those, who just want to count calories and control useful elements.

The most popular Iphone applications for good shape are CrossFit Workout and “Dietograph”.

CrossFit Workout – the system of various physical activities of different intensity. This includes sprint race, running and different physical exercises not only for doing at the gym, but also at home and even at work!

“Dietograph” perfectly suits professional sportsmen and ordinary people, who want to control food and be in good shape. This application tells about use and harm of various products, counts calories and helps to acquire healthy food habits.

There are new Android applications, too. The most popular are GymBoom , Just 6 Weeks (systems of physical exercises), Endmondo Sports Tracker (a personal fitness trainer), Moves (counting your steps during a day), iMapMyRIDE Riding Cycling GPS (specially developed for cycling; measures a distance, controls your route and counts calories spent during cycling) and MyFitnessPal, Inc (just count calories eaten per day).

Nowadays, as you see, high technologies take care not only about our knowledge, outlook extension and communication but also about our health, good appearance and wellness!

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