The History of De Beers Diamond Exchange

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De Beers

Today De Beers Diamond Exchange plays the leading role in the world current of diamonds, it is the number one brand in this brunch.

This story began in England. At the 5th of July 1863 a boy was born in the family of a priest. The boy’s name was Sessile John Rods. The little boy had a very bad health and was weak. At the age of 16 he was made a dangerous diagnosis, so the parents sent him to the Southern Africa in order to improve health with the help of the climate. That gave really great results! Some time later Sessile began to feel better and even started his own small cotton manufacture.

At that the diamond fever began in the Southern Africa. The industrious young man reacted immediately. He sold his cotton farm and moved closer to the one of the deposits of treasures, the brothers’ Beer farm.

Sessile realized that he had no physical ability to do the mining himself, so approached to the question intellectually. The man managed to organize the business in his own way and got some money from the diamond mining. Later Mr. Rods understood that he needed much more money in order to develop his business, so he got credit in Rothschild Bank.

The businessman came back to Africa with a great sum of money. He bought all the diamond deposits, sometimes the man acted illegally. When everything was in his hands, Sessile significantly reduced the mining works, creating artificial shortage. The price of diamonds increased greatly. That was a huge success!

Later, Mr. Rods had conflicts with his colleagues and the old health problems began to remind about themselves. Finally, in 1902 the industrious business and the company founder died. During the following years the company didn’t gain much success, until 1920. In that year Ernst Opengamer began to rule the company. He was very intelligent and took into consideration the methods of Mr. Rods. That brought good results. He acted not only with the help of the artificial shortage; other uncommon and clever plans were used, too. For example, after the Second World War, when people were exhausted and didn’t think about the jewelry at all, Mr. Opengamer started to develop so-called legend “diamonds are forever”(with the help of the Rothschilds and other famous families) . Mass media did a great job; “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” became a proverb!

Nowadays, the company has reached to the top, it controls the world diamond industry, being its legislator and basis. Its politics is based on the unique strategy and a more than a-century-old history.

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