The Pandora Brand History


For more than two decades now, the Pandora brand not only doesn’t take its leading positions, but also ripens and gains great popularity among people in different countries of the world.

The Pandora history began in Denmark, in its very heart, in Copenhagen. There in 1982 young married couple (Per Enevoldsen and Winnie Enevoldsen) opened their first jewelry shop. Only precious stones were presented in that shop, brought from distant Thailand.

Soon, young people decided to expand the range of their jewelry and bring to it something truly unique and executive. Thus, in 1987 they brought a progressive designer Lone Fradsen into their business. His main task was to create beautiful and unusual jewelry for the Pandora brand.

In 1999 the first batch of bracelets decorated with wonderful beads (later called “charms”) appeared in the jewelry market of Denmark. The originality of these ornamentation consisted in the fact that their design and form could change, it depended on the chosen charms, their number and placing on the bracelet. All the girls and women in Denmark were delighted, the sales increased greatly!

At the end of the next six years, by 2005, the Pandora jewelry became international. Soon, Per and Winnie opened their first big factory in Bangkok.

Today, the Pandora brand is very popular. It has representations in 65 countries of the world; more than four thousand employees are involved in the production of this wonderful brand!

The Pandora jewelry received such unprecedented success due to the original and executive design of its ornamentation and also their high quality. The conception of creating the form and design of the bracelet by yourself, – is also very interesting and exciting. Besides, this jewelry is quite accessible, almost every girl and woman can pamper herself with this wonderful ornamentation!

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