The Types of Chandeliers for Living Room

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The center of each dwelling is a living room that serves us to welcome guests and spend evenings with our nearest and dearest. Therefore, it is really important to create a wonderful and comfortable atmosphere in this room, which in the first place will depend on the interior. In turn, it is important to correctly pick up the chandeliers in the living room to complement its design.

The luster must correspond to the main style and colors of interior.  To give an illustration, when the whole living room is expressed mainly in cold colors, the “warm” light of chandeliers will simply create disharmony and dissonant. The “top” light should look like natural. Yet it is worth remembering that ceilings are usually needed to brighten more than walls and furniture.

In general, the lighting of the living room today is divided into two types: European and American. In the latter version, fashion designers recommend not arranging the upper lighting at all. On contrast, European style covers that chandelier is hanging in the center of the ceiling and the zonal distribution is carried out by additional lamps, sconces, floor lamps and spots.

There are several types of chandeliers like suspended, ceiling, forged and crystal are appropriate for living room.  As far as suspended goes, they are plafonds on a chain or cord. The length can be adjusted depending on the height of the ceiling. Most often, they could be made of glass, plastic or fabric. Depending on the length of the cord, either a romantic or solemn interior is created. Suspension lamp is inappropriate in an apartment with low ceilings.

Fastened to the ceiling without suspension is more modest version of the central lighting. Plafonds look more like a single design or individual elements.  Glass material is preferred. It is considered to be the ideal solution for the interior with small rooms with a low ceiling. One more advantage of this type of lightening is that it is suitable for any styles.

Today, forged chandeliers look really unexpected. Depending on the softness of lines and bends, they can be either laced or light, both stern and majestic. Combination with wood and stone is suitable for a modern room for creating eclecticism.

The crystal chandelier creates cozy atmosphere and evokes a pleasant sensation of the classics. Chandelier can be crystal with the addition of colored stones, which is suitable for living room with high ceilings. The most appreciated is Czech and Italian crystal.

You can experiment with the design of the room and create an original interior of living room with the help of different types of lightening.

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