Types of Soil Fertilization

Types Of Soil Fertilization

Soil fertilization is a very important process. Fertilizers replenish soil with various nutrients which are inevitably lost. If you want your harvest to be successful, approach to this process seriously and with care.

In order to choose the correct type of fertilizations you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Soil composition on the site (different constituents need suitable fertilizers);
  2. Initial nutrient availability of soil;
  3. Types and character of plantings (age, kind, peculiarities);

All fertilizers can be divided into two main types: mineral and organic.

Mineral fertilizers are the compositions of chemical or other elements. You can choose a substance of the needed concentration and with an appropriate content of elements. You should be careful with the dosage. Mineral fertilizers have their positive and negative sides of usage. On the one hand, they help plants to get all the necessary elements and substances and to grow more quickly. Though, this type of fertilization has no influence on the soil state in general.

Organic fertilizers are very rich in various useful substances, besides, they perfectly loosen the soil. One more “plus” of these fertilizers is that you should apply them only once every couple of years. Though, there are also some disadvantages in their usage. First of all, it is not very easy to get this type of fertilizers, in case you don’t live in the village. The process of appliance itself isn’t easy, too. You should strictly observe the proportions and take into account the presence of certain specific substances in such fertilizers.

Soil fertilization is a necessary process which helps to raise yields and to take care of the soil itself. Speaking about the type of fertilizers, it is only for you to choose, think carefully and take into consideration the peculiarities of the soil and all the “pluses” and “minuses” of the different fertilization types.

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