Van Cleef Jewelry is the Highest Art

Van Cleef

Aura and spirituality, which are invested in each gram of gold and platinum – are in the first place in Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry house. Every precious stone is selected carefully and with love of a jeweler to his masterpiece. This brand tries to please its admirers with elegant jewelry and high quality standards for many years. The idea of making this brand appeared after the wedding of two families Van Cleef and Arpels. These people were so enthusiastic about the common case that soon opened the first jewelry shop in France, in the very heart of Paris. Estel and Alfred were passionate about precious stones and travelled around the world, searching for the most beautiful and elegant nuggets. Jewelry with such stones was in a special style and of the highest quality. This was the beginning of a resounding success. Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry house expected a huge rise.

The jewelers of this company are considered not only the best masters, but also innovators in jewelry making. They patent many shticks, which are further used by all jewelers in the world. Today, many manufacturers align with Van Cleef. Gemstone supplier companies choose the best and calibrated diamonds for this jewelry house. The most professional jewelry-setters work with these selected items, since the setting of such expensive precious stones requires a wealth of experience.  A gemstone should not chip and be exactly set in a jewel, for not to fall out. A great variety of jewels is represented in Van Cleef collections: starting with pendants and chains, ending with the most executive rings and earrings. The most popular models are with white mother-of-pearl in the form of a clover leaf. This model is so successful, that conquered the world and gained huge popularity.

Another famous Van Cleef patent was the invention of a watch with a hidden clock face on a bracelet. In 20-30 years of the 20th century, women were not accepted to wear watches, so such accessory became very popular and convenient. It has become fashionable and to wear Van Cleef jewelry, due to all these know-how; and nobly, because only the wealthiest people can afford it.


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